Video marketing for restaurants

We know exactly what you’re thinking…

Don’t talk to us about video marketing in this extremely uncertain and difficult climate! In fact, don’t talk to us about anything at all! All this is nonsense and the least of our worries!

And we hear you.

We know how you feel, and we live it too.

The mood is “somber” for a lot of restaurants.

The mood is “somber” for a lot of small businesses like yours and ours.

One day things seem to be going in the right direction only to find a cluster near us the next and here we go again!

But this will soon be over.

To some degree.

The rules of the hospitality game will probably change but one thing is true –  all those restaurants who have learned to ride on the net’s surf during these challenging times will have developed a greater ability to weather all kinds of storms.

In order words – if you’ve learned to play the Internet game you’ve upped your chances of surviving.

The thing is, it’s not only about learning to survive the best that we can during catastrophic times.

It’s about learning how to create the most efficient structures to ensure your tables will fill up in a very near future.

It’s about developing systems that generate sales 24/7 both in good days as well as in moments of unexpected and inexplicable crisis.

It’s about constantly captivating your clients and always remind them who you are and why they should support you.

Video marketing is one of the most powerful tools to do that right now.


Video marketing for restaurants – the numbers in 2020


You’ve heard them all, we understand.

You know that in all surveys most people name video as the most engaging content type available on the web today.

You know that 76% of people tend to make a purchase after watching a marketing video, especially millennials.

You know that 80% of users watch the video featured on a website, while only 20% read its content.

And that the number of hours of monthly viewing on YouTube increases year after year.

But these are just numbers.

And to make it worse, these are pre-pandemic numbers!

But you know what?

YouTube data showed more than 500 percent increases in views on March 15, compared to the daily average for the rest of the year, for personal activity videos with the terms “at home” or #withme.

Videos on meditation, cooking, and working out also increased dramatically in mid-March compared to the same time last year, the platform said.

The new set of insights published by YouTube itself in August 2020 into rising topic trends during COVID-19 (Watching the Pandemic) based on viewer searches and behaviours across the world showed that there is “an astonishing uniformity in content trends around the world. That uniformity helped demonstrate the reality of our shared needs: to experience a sense of connection, feel as good as possible, and project a strong sense of self.”

Among the key trends, YouTube highlights the growth in home workout content, and restaurant-style presentation, in replacement of actually going out.

No gym? YouTube.

No physical dining experiences? Restaurant-style video content.

It makes sense.

Virtual museum tours have also seen a big increase as have face masks making how-to videos!

Isolation has made the world turn to YouTube more than ever.

We are now more familiar than ever with visual content.

We now crave visual content more than ever!


Video marketing for restaurants


What type of video content does your customer want from you (now and ever!)


Your restaurant even when in lockdown is brimming with stories that your regular and potentially new customers are hungry to discover. So make the most of this powerful form of communication and reach them virtually while in the safety of their homes.

What tye of video content is your customer most likely to enjoy during these times?


1. They want to know that you are OK

Yes, your customers care. They are worried about the effects this crisis is having on you, your employees and your overall business.

Keep them posted on all the adjustments you are making to cope with all the changes and new regulations.

The good and the not so good.

Be honest.

Be genuine.

Be you.

They’ll appreciate it.

And while you’re at it – reciprocate. Ask them the very important question: How are you?

It might sound like a cliche, but we Are all in this together.

If you support your community, they will support you back.

Be sure of that.


2. They want to hear your story

Haven’t shared your story with your regular customers yet?

Now it’s the time!

Don’t think your story matters to anyone?

You are wrong.

Don’t think your story is sufficiently exciting to be shared out there?

Again, wrong.

The world is composed of billions of fascinating stories like yours and we’re all dying to watch them!

No, you don’t have to create a Hollywood style production – especially not now as budgetary constraints might make it more difficult.

But your story can – and should – be told in an engaging way without forcing you to break the bank.

Our Visual Content packs are made with that goal in mind – to tell the world all about you and your project without having to pay a fortune like you would be expected to by other suppliers.

That’s why we like to label ourselves a Non-Agency, in other words – a first-class digital agency without the price tack!

Your customers want to get to know you better.

  • They want to know what inspired you to go on this hospitality journey.
  • Why you chose the place you chose.
  • What’s the history behind that building and what changes – if any – have you made to it.
  • What’s the philosophy behind your hospitality concept and why.
  • Who are your staff members, how they feel about their jobs, how were they trained, why are they passionate about working with you and serving them.

Video content offers a unique platform to showcase your personality, your team’s and your restaurant’s and bear witness to your efforts to continue serving them while these challenging times.

3. They want to learn from you



Recipe videos – an absolute winner!

One of the most popular form of content on the internet today particularly amongst millennials.

You’ve got the kitchen, you’ve got the know-how, and we’re sure you have the personality!

So, all you need to know is put yourself in front of that camera and share your culinary tips with the world!

Alright, perhaps it’s not all that easy but it will get easier with time!

What type of educational content can you create?

The sky is the limit!

From recipe videos to cooking demonstrations, cooking challenges, kitchen know-hows and so on.

  • Walk them through your restaurant’s take on a culinary classic…
  • Or through your spin on some of the world’s most popular street food…
  • Or through some of your seasonal recipes…
  • Or how to some kitchen utensils and gadgets the right away…

Creating diverse video content will help you get closer to all those clients who may or may not be able to support you physically right now while reaching a wider audience base.

Creating diverse video content will get you to strengthen your relationship’s bond and that, now or eventually will translate into profit.

Not to mention that Google will reward you for your engaging, trustworthy, and informative visual content!


4. They want to see your Delivery Menu

In 2020 most of your customers’ freedom of movement has been drastically restricted by unexpected lockdowns and strict interaction rules.

But does that mean they have to deny themselves the pleasure of your gorgeous food?

Not necessarily.

A lot of hospitality businesses have demonstrated their ability to adapt to the current unforeseen situation by creating digital platforms with the long-term sustainability goal of opening up and facilitating other smart business options like:


  • Food Delivery
  • Take away business
  • Online store to potentially sell your own merchandising, recipe books, ingredients, and so on…


And why not showcase the best (or all) your menu items with a video shoot to make customers fall in love with your food and help you boost your sales?

You can use your video to promote:

  • Your clients’ and/or team members’ favourite dishes
  • Specialty drinks
  • Dishes as they’re being prepared by your team
  • Seasonal menu items


Our Visual Content Packages have been designed to bring your food closer to your clients in this difficult times and in the future at a very fair price.

Because our goal is to help you – the small hospitality business – create a smarter, more digitised and agile business that holds the fort when times are tough, and it leads you to smarter growth when things are rosier.

And they will be.

5. They want to see some hope!

Your customers are tired of sad news, increasing and decreasing numbers and constantly changing social restrictions.

Your customers want to watch happy stories.

Now, more than ever, they want you to deliver a light, pleasant piece of content that draws a smile on their faces, entertains them and makes them forget about what’s going on in this crazy world.

They want video content that gives them a certain normalcy and reassures that things will be A-OK one day soon.


We are here to help. 

We are here to transform the way you interact with your clients – whether in a written or visual format. 

Trust the team at Coco Station!