Thank you for downloading Everett's Portal's first chapter!

I hope you enjoyed it and it has given you an idea of the type of challenges you’ll be resolving in every chapter.

Has the fact that Everett’s Portal is narrated in first person surprised you?

Most of the chapters directly reflect the thoughts of our protagonist, Ari Kim but Everett’s Portal is written in different styles and from different perspectives.

The chapters are short, the action constant.

This gives the narration a very entertaining rhythm and cadence that will have you focused on Ari’s adventures at all times!

You are as much a participant as Ari!

In her many adventures, Ari will be forced to challenge her intellectual and logical abilities, solve problems, decipher codes, search for clues…!

And so, will you!

In each of the 19 chapters in Everett’s Portal you’ll find clues and references to help you decipher the challenges in the illustrations located within or at the end of each chapter.

Plus, the interactive challenges in this escape book have been meticulously illustrated in a beautiful futuristic retro aesthetic that will have you enjoy an unforgettable overall experience.

Everett’s Portal is an interactive adventure where you wont’ want to escape from!

And all while you quietly enjoy your reading at home, on the beach or anywhere you please!

What’s your end goal?

Your end goal is to resolve Ari’s message hidden in this mirror.

Do you think you’ve cracked it?

Go to the page indicated on the book and enter it your code (without any spaces).

Did you get it? Does it work?

Share your achievement with the entire world!



And besides the amazing satisfaction of having resolved Ari’s enigma, you’ll also receive a gift you’ll be able to use in your future travels with Ari!

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Our escapism books are addictive!

We get reports that the escape books published in Coco Station are causing collective addiction!

People forget their daily activities and their responsibilities…

They lock themselves in enclosed spaces in order to solve the enigmas in the book …

So, please, a little moderation!

Tired of buying gifts that end up in the rubbish bin?

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Give them hours of fun.

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Everett’s Portal is designed to captivate adult audiences of all ages!