Do you own an Escape Room business?

Do you feel your web doesn't accurately translate the intrigue and emotion of your games to the digital screen?

Tell us in three/four lines why you think your escape room

desperately needs a new website!


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Coco Station para escape rooms

What do you have to do to get a 100% free website

for your escape room business?

Easy! No tricks, no gimmicks, no bluff!

Simply tell us in three/four lines (but make it the best three or four lines you’ve written in your life!):

Why do you think your escape room business’ website is in

desperate need of a brand new deluxe website!

Our team at Coco Station will analyse each of your proposals and select the web in most need of an urgent upgrade.

We’ll announce the winner directly via email on

Tuesday the 12th of February 2019!

And on our social media channels!

Stay tuned!

What are the Conditions of the

...#cocoescapeweb contest at Coco Station?

1. Only Escape Room businesses with websites in Spanish or English languages (or businesses that only communicate in those languages) can enter the contest.
2. Coco Station will be entitled to use the before and after websites for its communication and advertising campaigns, case studies, material for conferences, etc.
3. The time required to complete the website will be approximately 4 weeks.
4. The website will be composed of home page/two or three pages telling each room’s story in detail / about us / bookings / contact.
5. The website will be written in a single language, either English or Spanish.
5. Logos, brand identity, graphic and visual material such as photographs and/or videos will not be included on the website design. You can use your own photos but we highly recommend you make the most of this opportunity by working with a professional photographer to achieve an out-of-this-world website!
6. The web includes domain but not future maintenance.
7. All the fields of the form must be completed.
8. The contest begins on Monday January 28, 2019 and ends on Monday February 11, 2019 at 23:59.

No, seriously, who gives away free websites these days!?

Coco Station does!

Because we are convinced that your story is one of the most valuable assets of your Escape Room business.
Your story defines you and identifies you.
And we know that you have neither the time nor the inclination to translate with the same level of impact the fascinating universes you create to the digital screen.

That’s why we’ll teleport you to the Space Station on Planet Coco where our copywriters, transmedia storytellers and web designers specialising in escape room businesses like yours will work 24/7 (Earth time) to create a website like none other on this nor in distant galaxies!

And, why do you need a stellar website?

Because your clients' experience starts in your web!

Escape rooms are no longer small operations created by a couple of game-loving friends in a basement.

Escape rooms are constantly getting better.

Investments in live escape games, increasingly larger.

And your competitors, increasingly fierce.

Today, you have to compete to capture customers and fight for the top positions in Google rankings…

You have to awaken your clients’ imagination and build trust in your escape games long before they walk through your door!

And don’t worry!

Our teleporter is 100% safe (most of the time!).

And back on Planet Earth...

This is what they're saying about Coco Station!

Judith Tierno

Javier Barrios

Working with Tere has been a pleasure from beginning to end. She understood my vision from the beginning, translating the idea that I had in my head into my website’s texts in a very original way. Providing creative ideas that have exceeded my expectations, she has managed to materialise in the texts the essence of my company and the message I wanted to convey.
Without a doubt, I am sure that the texts will help to attract the client profile I am looking for and improve the conversions in my business.

In addition, communication with Tere has been very easy from the first moment. Despite being on the other side of the world, I have felt very close to her and she’s been totally engaged in my project from the beginning. I recommend her 100%, she has exceeded my expectations.

I’ve been trusting my website’s copy to the team at Coco Station since 2016 and the result has been unbeatable. They create escape texts quickly and very creatively, always taking into account more technical factors such as SEO. Tere also has an advantage: she loves the world of escapism and it certainly shows when she writes. I 100% recommend Tere and her team at Coco Station!